Just in case quantum physics wasn't violent, or sexy, enough for you.
LEGENDS PARALLEL is a, single story, comic book which spans twelve issues.
It tells the tale of five Earths, each very different from the others, and the one woman who wants to control them all.
A man, his mom, and her lover have to save the worlds. No one said this shit would be easy.

Rated "M" for Mature

Main Characters in Alphabetical Order:

Legends Parallel

Administrator Alsooln: The lead administrator of Earth III. She is forced to deal with a multi-dimensional problem which began on her planet.

Alecia Yang: Personal assistant to, and lover of, Sage Hill. She also knows all of Tom's secrets.

Arumar Singh: C.I.O. of Hill, Inc. and a brilliant engineer. He's also one of only two non-family members who knows Tom's secrets and helps him fight crime.

Bes: A meta-human dwarf who slavishly follows Oshun. He's named after an Egyptian god of, among other things, sex.

Captain Walter Thompson: A lifelong Chicago cop, who rose through the ranks honestly. He is surrounded by corruption and inept sycophants. Even so, he does what he can to run an honest department.

Carol Andande': Tom Hill's ex-wife. Fearing repercussions from Tom's crime fighting she skipped town one night and joined a circus.

Carol Grimely: Cook County Coroner. She has figured out there are meta-humans walking among the regular populace. She doesn't know if that's good or bad, but she does know they're damn hard to kill.

Chaos: She leads the revolution against Queen Vamp on Earth V.

Commander Ilnara: The head security officer on Earth III. It is her job to discern the source of the drug Toxic and stop it.

Coordinator Nahim: The political liaison between Administrator Alsooln and the people of Earth III.

CSI Juanita Cutter: The only honorable crime scene investigator on the Chicago police force. While helping solve Mickey Faragamo's murder she stumbles on even more disturbing secrets.

Dishghaal Council: The ruling party of Earth IV. To maintain balance there are always two male, and two female, members.

Dr. Adisa Buhari: A mob doctor who doesn't ask questions. Nor does he guarantee his work.

Dr. Valencia Ohimbe a/k/a Oshun: A mistress of toxins, named after an African love goddess, who uses her skills to rob banks and do side jobs for the mob on Earth I.

Earth I is ours, except the mob controls Chicago and cops and politicians are openly on the take.

Earth II is a world where Africa was never colonized and it ended up ruling the planet.

Earth III is a benevolent technocracy where humans, long ago, overcame their superficial differences and work together for a brighter future.

Earth IV is an agrarian world where all the races have interbred to the point there is only one race left. And it's light brown.

Earth V is a war torn world where a woman who calls herself Queen Vamp is attempting to unify everyone under her rule, no matter the cost.

Elroy: A voice of sanity in Hatchet's gang on Earth I.

Hatchet: The ruthless leader of a street gang on Earth I. Has partnered with Vinny's mob faction.

Jack of Spades: A highly trained assassin who works for the highest bidder. His moral compass is a whirling blur.

K'Tain a/k/a Diva: A nightclub owner on Earth III who has been dealing Toxic and acting as an agent for Ms. Vin.

Laquanda Carson a/k/a Bombshell: A popular stripper in Vinny Faragamo's nightclub she's actually an undercover Chicago police officer trying to break the mob's influence on Chicago's political elite.

Lieutenant John Conrad: One of the few honest cops left in Chicago. He's been tasked with solving the murder of Mickey Faragamo by a most unlikely source, Mickey's son, Vinny.

Mike Hill: Tom Hill's father, invented the suit that gives Tom, Sage, and others their powers.

Ms. Vin: A, centuries old, woman who may be responsible for the numerous snake goddess cults which have sprung up over time. She has access to something called the Gorgon's Gate which gives her the ability to oversee and, eventually, control the five Earths.

Officer Hanrahan: A Chicago cop on Vinny Faragamo's payroll.

Officer Julio Gonzales: An honest Chicago cop who is trying to stop the spread of Toxic and the mob.

Priestess: She provides spiritual comfort, and historical knowledge, to the rebels on Earth V.

Queen Vamp: The ruler of most of Earth V. A paranoid meta-human who demands that all who enter her presence be nude so she can see they are not armed. She is rapidly pulling the entire planet under her control.

Sage Hill: Tom's mother and the first person to wear the battle suit designed by her, late, husband.

Shaman: A murderous drug dealer, and cult leader, on Earth IV.

Stacy Lord a/k/a Sassy: Tom's secretary by day, she's a meta-human who possesses extraordinary powers.

Tam Rown a/k/a Anoni: The girlfriend of Trev Jax on Earth II, she is also a meta-human. She prefers tending to her bar rather than being a hero.

Tank: An enforcer in Hatchet's gang on Earth I.

Tom Hill a/k/a Siafu: A wealthy, reclusive, businessman whose, late, father designed high tech battle armor which he uses to fight crime as Siafu.

Tony: Stone cold killer, works for Vinny Faragamo on Earth I.

Toxx Zynn: A doctor on Earth III she became disillusioned with a life of peace and set about to enrich herself no matter the cost. She is the inventor of the drug called Toxic which is flooding the five Earths.

Trev Jax a/k/a Uzziah: A meta-human hero on Earth II, he is one of a rare few who believe the white people there deserve to be treated as equals.

Vinny Faragamo: Leader of the largest family in the Chicago mob. He came to power after his father was accidentally killed by Sage Hill.


LEGENDS PARALLEL is filled with action, suspense, sex, violence, and dark humor. It is rated "M" for mature.

Hadithi Sambamba is Swahili for Parallel Stories. This will be meaningful as the issues develop.